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Randomizer is a flexible program that can be used to choose a random item from a list. Here are a few ideas of applications…

  • activities for PE, choir,¬†dance
  • contest winners
  • pop quiz questions
  • life-changing decisions

You can save multiple lists. Choose “No repeats” to rotate through the whole list w/o repeats.

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To-Do List

Need a more practical to-do list program for keeping track of everything on your plate? Sort out your tasks into the following lists…

  • ASAP
  • To Do
  • Delegate
  • Good Enough
  • Procrastinate
  • Forget It

You can move items from one list to another, edit them, and remove them when complete.

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Family Points

Family Points is a great resource for family activity ideas and now they’ve launched the Family Points program for keeping track of your activities, points, and goals. Simply enter the activity, date and which values the activity falls under and your points will be automatically calculated. You can set monthly and yearly goals with your family and the program will show you how close you are to your goal. ¬†Download the program now for free!

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simon says

Simon Says

Simon Says is a great app for keeping kids active at home, on vacation, at school, etc. Simply choose the mode (manual or automatic transitions) and speed (slow to super fast) and then start a classic game of Simon Says! 30 actions such as “Turn around twice” and “Touch your right ear” included. Who is your family’s Simon Says champion? Find out now!

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